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We offer skip or hook lift, wet and HWRC bulky waste recycling units. Statics that are defined by throughput volume of material and whether you need a CHEM specification or HWRC specification.


Highly compacted bales of material means the material can be transported more cost effectively while your storage space is maximised at site.

Roll Packers

Bulky waste such as pallets, scrap wood, old furniture, drums and other light metal scrap can be broken down, pre-crushed and compacted with the attached roller options into open top waste containers. This in turn reduces transport costs due to the increased loads that can be achieved from using this type of compaction machinery.


Various types of shredders for paper, polystyrene, cardboard, tins cans and PET bottles.

Transfer Stations

A range of designs to suit the needs of the area such as: Infeed devices, pre-crush compactors, static roll packers and mobile roll packers, transfer compactors, containers, weighing devices, and traversing systems for containers.

Traversing Systems

From 1100 litre bins, open top containers, compaction containers and up to 60 m³ trailer containers. Husmann GMBH traversing systems are renowned the world over for their excellent design with static roll packers and chute feeds.


Various types of rolonof waste containers for static compactors. We can provide all types and sizes of waste containers to suit machinery and welcome your enquiry.

Agricultural Systems

Crushers, Shredders and Wood Chippers for use within the agricultural industry. Slow-Running single and double shaft equipment.

Refurbished Stock

Used and refurbished waste compaction and containment equipment, grab a full refurbished bargain with warranty.


Simply Rent items from our catalogue for short term projects.

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Our sales engineers provide fair and accurate assessment of your recycling operation

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Our Strategically located network of engineers throughout the UK cover call-out requirements


The waste industry requires a robust product to meet the demands of waste management