Husmann UK offer a wide range of recycling machinery to suit the different needs of all industries for example: Hotels, Hospitals, Shopping Centres, HWRC sites, Print & Packaging companies and Food processing plants. Whether you are looking for a solution for the compaction and disposal of dry or wet waste, we can give you the correct advice and the correct machinery and in turn reduce your transport costs.

We offer skip or hook lift, wet and HWRC bulky waste recycling units. Statics that are defined by throughput volume of material and whether you need a CHEM specification or HWRC specification. Whatever your needs, Husmann will always have the solution to suit your business enviroment and to reduce your carbon footprint.

SPB skip type portable compactor (model E)

These days every company needs, for economical and environmental reasons, a well-considered conception for waste sorting, collection and disposal. A reliable and economically working machine technology belongs to such a total conception. We therefore recommend the use of our new portable compactors of the model E generation with their numerous advantages.

Due to the innovative container construction without sections in connection with the well-considered and proven Husmann GMBHcompactor technology a high compaction degree and consequently a higher filling density are ensured. The frequency of transport and, as a result, the costs for transport can be considerably reduced. The special form improves clearly the discharge. Furthermore the smooth container walls can be used as a big advertising space.

The machines are easy to maintain, extremely sturdy and very reliable. They convince due to their well-planned, robust construction and a long service life.

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Technical Specification

Model Capacity Length Width Height
SPB 8 AN-E 8m³ 3.820m 2.020m 2.465
SPB 10 AN-E 10m³ 4.370m 2.020m 2.465
SPB 12 AN-E 10m³ 4.970m 2.020m 2.465

Quality Features of the Portable Compactors, E-Generation

Easy feeding and trouble-free discharge due to the smooth conical container construction (on 3 sides) without sections. High filling weight due to circulation of the waste at the curvatures of the container door. The container is welded through a closing mechanism which is easy to operate due to galvanized ratchet. The container walls without section can be used as a big advertising place. The deep ram penetration avoids material piling-up in the compactor filling opening.

Removable inspection hatches at the compaction body for good accessibility in case of repair or service works, Adjustable ram, guided in polyamide. Reinforced sliding plates with milled scraping edge in order to keep the space space behind the ram clean. Easy feeding due to low filing height. Standard design with timer, oil and temperature control as well as motor protection. Low noise level hydraulic pump Compactor floor made of high wear close-grained construction steel.

Range of compactability:

  • Manually or Hydraulically Operated Lid
  • Loading Bay Design
  • Container Full / Pre-full Light Indicator
  • Leakproof Design
  • Hydraulic Retaining Door
  • Will Compact Expanding Materials

Pendulum steel scraper at the bottom of the hydralic ram. Tipping device for different types and sizes of container. Drum weighing system for fair charging of the customers container.

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