Hook Type Portable Compactors

Portable compactor for use with rolonof vehicles

These days every company needs, for economical and environmental reasons, a well-considered conception for waste sorting, collection and disposal. A reliable and economically working machine technology belongs to such a total conception. We therefore recommend the use of our new portable compactors of the model E generation with their numerous advantages.

Due to the innovative container construction without sections in connection with the well-considered and proven Husmann GMBHcompactor technology a high compaction degree and consequently a higher filling density are ensured. The frequency of transport and, as a result, the costs for transport can be considerably reduced. The special form clearly improves the discharge. Furthermore the smooth container walls can be used as a big advertising space.

The machines are easy to maintain, extremely sturdy and very reliable, coupled with a robust construction lends itself to a long service life.

Applications: Hospitals, Hotels, Civic Amenity Sites, Markets, Factories, Food Producers and Distribution Centres

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Portable compactor model - SEN

Technical Specification

Model Capacity Length Width Height
SPB 16 SEN-E 16m³ 5.560 2.550 2.580
SPB 18 SEN-E 18m³ 5.960 2.550 2.580
SPB 20 SEN-E 20m³ 6.360 2.550 2.580
SPB 22 SEN-E 22m³ 6.760 2.550 2.580
SPB 24 SEN-E 24m³ 7.230 2.550 2.580

Portable compactor model - SEL

Technical Specification

Model Capacity Length Width Height
SPB 16 SEL-E 16m³ 5.960 2.550 2.580
SPB 18 SEN-L 18m³ 6.360 2.550 2.580
SPB 20 SEN-L 20m³ 6.760 2.550 2.580
SPB 22 SEN-L 22m³ 7.160 2.550 2.580
SPB 24 SEN-E 24m³ 7.630 2.550 2.580

Quality features of the Portable Compactors, Electric Generation

  • Excellent packing and trouble free emptying due to conical cleanline design
  • High packing weights due to uplifting of the waste caused by the dome shaped rear door
  • Galvanised ratchet locking mechanism
  • Strong bar to secure opened door in place whilst discharging the waste
  • Compactor floor made of high resistant fine-grained steel
  • 3 removable inspection hatchets for easy access for repair, cleaning and maintenance
  • Adjustable polymide guide blocks for the ram
  • Reinforced ram plates with cut scraper edge
  • Easy feeding due to low filling height
  • Protection plate around controls
  • Standard equipment includes timer, oil level and temperature switch as well as protective motor switch
  • Low-noise hydraulic pump

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