Traversing Systems

Husmann GMBH traversing systems are suitable where containers, compactors and other systems such as roll packers, have to carry out longitudinal and/or traversing movements as so to enable the smoother and quicker exchange of the equipment to reduce down time and thus saving money.

Due to the variation and design of the systems Husmann GMBHcan mobilise even the most complicated moving and replacing processes. From 1100 litre bins, open top containers, compaction containers and up to 60 m³ trailer containers. Husmann GMBH traversing systems are renowned the world over for their excellent design with static roll packers and chute feeds.

Available designs Roll Packers

  • Traversing shifting system for one, two or more containers
  • Longitudinal shifting devices for roll packers
  • Traversing and longitudinal shifting system (X-Y-displacement)
  • Electric motor driven, hydraulically steerable
  • Transport device with drawbar and swivel bolster for skip type or hook type system
  • Scissor-type elevating platform with moving device
  • Lifting device with integrated hydraulic aggregate
  • Shifting system with curve running gear
  • Square shifting system consisting of lifting device and U-shifting device
  • Gear firmly mounted on a compactor
  • Live roller conveyor driven or undriven

Accessories for Roll Packers

  • Cable drum with automatic electric cable winder
  • Live ring, to be operated manually or hydraulically
  • Shifting rails fixed with dowels or embedded into the ground
  • Electric safety bars
  • Shifting device protected by induction loops
  • Position indication on the shifting device
  • Weighing by means of digital weighing system
  • Fully automatic operating procedures (SPS)

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