Shredding Catalogue

Husmann UK offer a number of different types of shredder to suit your needs. Husmann manufacture various types of shredders for paper, polystyrene, cardboard, tins cans and PET bottles.

The shredding systems can be incorporated into compacting units or can be manufactured as stand alone units for paper shredders, polystyrene, cardboard, tin can and PET bottle shredders.

Shredding Machines

Shredding Systems

Shredding systems are designed for shredding large amounts of different materials such as wood, paper, files, EDP-lists, cardboard, plastic materials, tinplate, glass, carcasses, general waste and industrial waste.

Their outstanding features are sturdy design, easy operation and high performance. The size of the shredded material is determined by the number of cutters, the height of their teeth and their width.

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Husmann GMBH shredding systems can be applied wherever the volume of waste materials has to be reduced in order to minimize storing and transport costs and where materials have to be recycled (i.e. glass, wood, plastic materials) or where information carriers have to be shreddered in accordance with the data protection law.

The working principle of the Husmann GMBH shredder is based on counter-rotating shafts. The main and the secondary shaft are supplied with exchangeable cutters and is moved by a direct current motor over a reducing gear unit with different numbers of revolutions, running in an oil-bath. All machines are supplied with automatic reverse and overload as well as with a thermic motor protection.

The selected high quality material of the cutters guarantees a long service life even in case of heavy duty use.

The cutters’ width, shape and height is adapted to the material that has to be shreddered in order to achieve optimum shredding as well as a maximum throughput.

Cardboard Shredders

The disposal costs for large sized cardboard boxes, corrugated board, cardboard rolls and cores as well as waste paper can be reduced considerably if compacted. Shredding the material with PZ shredding machines before compacting reduces the volume even further.

The shredders can be used in combination with balers, screw compactors, portable compactors and other transport systems.

The cardboard shredder is suitable for shredding large sized cardboard boxes and sheets of paper. The material will be drawn in by a special infeed shaft and forced towards the tearing shaft. Due to the different speed of the shafts as well as the special cutters and their angled position the material is torn and falls through the floor opening. If overloaded the upper shaft reverses automatically to clear itself. Subsequently the processed material can be packed i.e. by feeding it into a portable compactor.The shredder PZ 800 was designed only for the purpose of shredding cardboard cores and cardboard rolls of a maximum diameter of 200 mm.The shredding shafts destroy the form stability of the rolls and crush them into pieces of up to 300 mm. This relatively big size is necessary to obtain an optimal result when using common balers.

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