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Today a fully developed plan for waste separation, collection and disposal is essential for every modern business for financial and ecological reasons. Reliable and economical waste compaction machinery has got to be an integral part of this process, since especially in this field, the increase in landfill and fuel costs has been enormous in recent years.

An appropriate system is above all distinguished by the fact that it is cost saving, and at the same time ecological. Both aims can only be achieved if the volume of material to be disposed of is reduced. By using the Husmann UK product range of waste compactors, roll packers, balers and shredders, you can achieve these objectives, and also contribute to the reduction of your Carbon Footprint.

Our primary supplier Husmann started manufacturing waste compactors some 50 years ago and it has always been their objective to provide a product and service second to none in keeping with both sound traditional, and modern German build qualities. That is why the company is today one of the leading waste recycling equipment manufacturers in the world. Husmann also offer other products and services such as transfer stations, bespoke traversing systems, chippers and shredding systems.

Paction.co.uk have been the sole distributor of the Husmann portfolio of products within the UK, and offer a comprehensive range of recycling equipment to meet the needs of all industries and services, for example:

  • Councils, Household Waste Recycling Centres (HWRC) and MRF's: Roll packers, balers, bulky waste and HWRC specification compactors.
  • MOD, Automotive & Aerospace: Portable compactors, roll packers and balers.
  • Hospitals, Hotels, Leisure, Schools and Food Manufacturers: Portable compactors including wet waste compactors, balers and shredders.
  • Shopping Centres, Print & Packaging Companies and Distribution Centres: Portable compactors and static compactors, traversing systems, roll packers, vertical balers, horizontal balers and shredders.

In addition to the product portfolio we also offer a complete maintenance and service support package with a UK network of Husmann trained mobile engineers.

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